We joke that on weekends we send our boys to Sapanski Boot Camp. Jamie takes the boys outside to dig holes, chop wood, move rocks and generally get filthy. Today it was 57 degrees (in February!) so they went out and came back coated in mud. After baths they built a pretty awesome robot. They’re so lucky to have such a creative, fun, involved dad. 

This evening we made reservations at a very kid-friendly Mexican restaurant in town (where nobody cares if they stand on the seats or if the baby cries). But we were exactly 15 minutes late and they gave up our table. Ollie was in tears (and I almost was too, he was just so sad and disappointed), when the maître d from the restaurant next door told us to come eat there. I was hesitant because we have three kids under four, and I didn’t want to disrupt the other diners…but he insisted that it was pretty quiet and would be fine. We went in and everyone was just so sweet to us and the boys were great. We inhaled our food and made it out before anybody melted down, and rewarded the boys (and ourselves) with ice cream. What a sweet man. He really saved our evening!