Monthly Archives: December 2015

We’re really trying to make the most out of our vacation! We had a movie night last night (The Little Mermaid), and today we went to Stepping Stones. The boys had a blast playing in the water and came home soaking wet. We had to strip Charlie before we put him in his car seat! Only five days left before school starts up again! 🙂   

This crazy kid!


Stretching with PeePaw



Ollie went to the grocery store and came home with flowers for me. ❤️


We finally got out of the house! It’s probably the last time until May since we have three adults and 70 degree weather, but I’ll take it!


E’s cheeks are getting pretty plump!


Love these three.   


It’s been pretty busy around here lately, so I haven’t had time to post, but here are some pictures in the meantime!