Monthly Archives: November 2015

Today is Evelyn’s due date-it’s already been almost three weeks that she’s been here and I wish time would slow down already!



We made it to get our tree today after all! We tried to go this morning, but none of the trees were up to my exacting standards. 🙂 So after naps we tried again-success! 


The One! It was too cold to get Evie in the picture.


Charlie’s face was cracking us up!


We were planning on going to get our Christmas tree this morning, but instead we’re waiting for the septic company to come check out our system. We had water in the basement on Thanksgiving (of course on a holiday!), but we figured it was the same issue we had a few months ago. So Jamie cleaned it up and we decided to keep an eye on it until Monday. And then last night after giving the boys a bath the first floor smelled like sewage and there was water in the basement again. So we’re waiting for the septic company to come and tell us what’s wrong-hopefully nothing too expensive! Maybe it will be a quick fix and we can still go get our tree… In the meantime, here are some more pictures of Evie!


Evie had her first real bath tonight…but didn’t like it too much. Maybe next time. 🙂


Coolest fort ever.


Ollie made his lunch all by himself today!


So very thankful for our family and our good health. We’re pretty lucky.


We said goodbye to the wonderful Grace (our baby nurse) yesterday, and last night was looong. But not as bad as with the boys, so no complaining! I’m really hoping to sneak a nap in at some point. I tried this morning, but gave up when E needed to eat again after 15 minutes. I took Charlie out to brunch for a little quality time and fresh air instead. I just put Ollie down for his nap, Charlie is sleeping and I’m feeding Evie…this is my chance!