Monthly Archives: September 2015

It doesn’t really feel like it yet (it’s still 80 degrees today), but it’s officially fall! We’ve been eating lots of apples and having fires after dinner to celebrate the season. 


Ollie’s apple basket



We had a busy week! Ollie had another great week at school, and we have had a couple of fires in our fire pit after dinner. I’m excited that the weather is cooling down and we can start enjoying another New England fall!

Collecting sticks for the fire


pants are always optional around here


sticky boys!


look mama, a worm…


Aaaaahhhhh! (it moved)


watching Winnie the Pooh together


“we need our helmets for safety”


We’re headed to Oma and Papa’s house this morning to check on the apples, then James and I are going out to dinner tonight. The boys get some special time with daddy tomorrow because I’ll be going to Brooklyn for Lauren’s shower (her baby is due October 3rd!!!). Have a great weekend!



Ollie had his first full day of preschool today! We sang “happy first day of school” (to the tune of happy birthday) at breakfast and he blew out a candle. Ollie chatted non-stop on the way to school and practically jumped out of the car and proceeded to talk his teacher’s ear off. I think he was pretty excited. 🙂 He came home tired but really happy. He told me he “needed to eat lunch and go straight to bed”. I’m not going to argue with that! Here are a few pictures…


This picture was from his orientation yesterday. They’re all so cute!


We were having such a great weekend, I forgot to take pictures! We did buy a train at a tag sale-the boys are pretty excited (all three of them :). 


We went back to the Nature Center this morning with James to repeat our frog catching adventure, but unfortunately the frogs outsmarted us. We only caught one, but we still had a great time. Next time frogs!


The boys and I drove in to the city today to check out Lauren’s new apartment, play at the park and see big buildings, subway trains, garbage trucks and cranes. It was miserably hot and humid, but we still had fun! Watching the subway trains was probably the highlight-Ollie kept asking to watch “just one more.” 🙂



I realized a few seconds after this picture that Ollie had his mouth on the turnstile. I don’t even know how to go about fixing that. When he gets the plague we’ll know where it came from.