Monthly Archives: August 2015

Ollie starts school in 6 days (not that I’m counting down or anything), so we’ve been trying to keep busy and pack as much in to the last few days of summer as we can. Here are some pictures of our adventures.


Nature walk at Waveny


This is on Jamie and Ollie’s Christmas list


Competing for the same kind of ice cream. 🙂


They started out in swimsuits, but they always end up naked!


p.s. Their matching outfits aren’t my choice! Ollie has been insisting on wearing whatever Charlie is wearing, which I think is really sweet. 🙂


I decided to take the boys to a different park this morning in a neighboring town and it was AWESOME! Ollie discovered these fun little spinning bowls and spun himself silly. That kid has a stone stomach. 


I took the boys to the zoo today with another mama and her kids and we had such a blast! Ollie was our tour guide-he carried the map around and told us what animal we’d be seeing next. I can’t believe how mature and capable he is! He’s growing up so fast! :/


Ollir just giving Sadie a boost.




Charlie woke up without a fever today! Ollie desperately needed to get out of the house (running laps in the backyard just wasn’t cutting it), so we loaded into the car and went to the aquarium! 

This is the first time Ollie really “got” the aquarium. He was so excited to go, and loved seeing the sharks (obviously), seals, frogs, sting rays, and jellyfish. There were two other special exhibits-the meerkats and an interactive butterfly walk. So cool! I kept Charlie in the stroller so we didn’t spread any lingering germs, but he was so excited about the sharks and jellyfish I had to let him out. 🙂 Here are a few pictures!


We have been so lucky to have what seems like months without sickness in our house, but poor Charlie has come down with a fever. We’re in quarantine mode until we figure out exactly what we’re dealing with, and Ollie (who’s still heathy), is stuck at home too. I feel bad for both of them! Hopefully it’s just a quick bug and we can get back to summer fun asap!


I finally took the boys in for a little trim-they look so grown up after a haircut!  I couldn’t get any pictures during the process because I had Charlie on my lap for his and Ollie was watching a show on my phone, but here are a few after shots.