The past three months have been crazy, but I finally feel like I can commit to keeping up with regular posts again!  I’m so sorry about the long break but…


We’re in for some big changes around here!  Ollie’s little brother or sister (whom we refer to as Nugget for now) should arrive just in time for Thanksgiving, the due date is November 19th.  This is an old picture, by now Nugget is a whopping 6 inches long and 8.5oz!  No word yet if it’s a boy or a girl, but we should find out at the end of the week!

Ollie seems to be growing all the time and measured in at almost 3 feet tall at his last appointment!  He’s walking and talking (he says a lot, but we understand about 8 words or so), and he now has 12 teeth!  Here are some photos to see what he’s been up to the past three months.  I’ll try to get some more up here in the coming days.