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We find out whether baby Nugget is a he or a she! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! Look for an update post with the big reveal later on!


The little man has a special spot behind a chair in the living room where he goes to hide when he’s being naughty, or to escape the tickle monster.  He also stashes treasures back there.

Here are some pictures of Oliver’s big birthday at last!  Ollie loved opening his presents and playing with his family, but I think his favorite part was actually the balloons.  He wasn’t a huge fan of birthday cake, but it turns out he doesn’t have a big sweet tooth yet.

The giant balloons were still a big hit a few days later too…

(the band-aids were from his shots)

Oliver is so much fun these days!  I noticed he was kicking his leg up in the air as he walked so I started doing it too.  Silliness ensued:

One of Oliver’s favorite things is to be tossed in the air.  At 26 lbs I don’t do it very often, but daddy will usually oblige:

We get boxes from Amazon pretty frequently, but they’re not usually this big.  Ollie had fun playing with/in it until he decided it tasted pretty good.