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We took Oliver to see the Easter bunny for his birthday Wednesday! We had a bet whether he would cry or not and… Continue reading


Look who was cruising around on his birthday!!!

This little man

1 Year!

1 Year!

Is a whole year old today!  Happy Birthday to the silliest, sweetest boy I know!  Looking back at the past year I can’t believe how much he’s changed.  It’s not fair how quickly time passes!

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Oliver has been trying to walk using his walker for a little while, but he’d run into a wall or a corner and get stuck.  But he figured out how to get unstuck over the weekend!  If you come visit-watch out!!!  Here’s a video:

Oliver and Jamie had their first swim lesson on Saturday! Oliver was in heaven for about 20 minutes until he got a good mouth full of water and decided he was DONE for the day. We’ll try again next week!







Oliver managed to get ahold of the puff container and this is the aftermath…

nom nom nom…

Our dear friend Alexa is opening her own elementary school in Denver in 2014!!! I am SO excited for her and all the wonderful families whose lives she will touch!  Alexa also happens to have excellent taste-she got Oliver this awesome bib.  It’s clearly his favorite.      🙂

We love you Lex!