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After we said goodbye to family in Hawaii (so hard to do!), we hopped on a plane for sunny Hawaii!  Oliver was a champ on both flights.  He made all sorts of friends with that toothy little grin!  Then he conked out like a good boy and let his daddy and I watch movies and play Bad Piggies on my phone (have you played that game?  it’s great.)  Hawaii was heaven on Earth.  We watched the waves roll in and enjoyed the warm weather while staying in the shade-and had the most amazing meals ever.  We even had a sitter watch Oliver a few nights so we could enjoy dinner with Jamie’s family like grown ups!  And the whales!  They were teaching their calves to breach, which was so fun to watch!  Here are some pictures of a baby in paradise!


After we left Eugene we headed north and spent some time with Oliver’s Grandpa Jim and the notorious Kohl family.  We had a blast just hanging out and watching Oliver try to crawl on their hardwood floors (does it make me a bad mama that I think that’s hilarious?).  Ollie was in heaven watching their dogs, especially Lexie, but she wanted nothing to do with him (very wise).  Oh family, we miss you already!

p.s.  The lovely Grandma Lorraine fell shortly after these pictures were taken and broke her hip badly.   Please send love and healing thoughts her way!

Today was a wonderful day because Oliver hugged me for the first time.  He crawled over, sat in my lap, put his head on my chest, and put his arms around me (as best he could).  It was the most amazing feeling in the world and I was so happy I cried (silly, I know).  You all know he’s not exactly a snuggly baby.  I get a few precious minutes before nap and bedtime when he puts his head on my shoulder and that’s about it.  So tonight I’m a very happy mama.

Look at all those teeth!

Look at all those teeth!

I also made some delicious chicken for dinner tonight.  Easy, cooks in one pan, and not dry (James didn’t like me describing it as ‘moist’).  The recipe is here:

Yummy Chicken

After leaving New York in a snow/rain storm with 50mph winds and a 3 hour delay in the middle of the night (fun), we made it to my brother’s (awesome) apartment in Eugene the next morning.  Oliver was so happy to see his Uncle Max and his Grandma, we were content to just hang out and adjust to the time change while eating Max’s delicious cooking and amazing marionberry muffins from our favorite coffee shop.  It turns out Oliver loves marionberries and croissants, but who doesn’t?  Here are a couple of pictures of our time at Casa Maxwan, more posts to come!

Oliver also cut 4 teeth during the 5 days we were there!  Poor kid was SO slobbery!

After 3.5 weeks away we’re home in our cozy little house just in time for a nasty cold snap! I’ll post pictures of our big adventure soon, I just need to find a nap time that isn’t crammed with things from the to do list! Here are a few pictures from my phone in the meantime:













We are having a wonderful time in Oregon so far!  We’re staying with Oliver’s Uncle Max and enjoying all Eugene has to offer-mostly lots of early morning coffee runs (thanks time change!) 🙂

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