Yesterday was just one of those days. The kind of day where you alternate between feeling like you won the jackpot getting to stay home with such a sweet little person, and then having to laugh at yourself because what is this job?!?  If I don’t laugh I’d go crazy.  Here’s a breakdown:

-Oliver fell and bumped his head within an hour of waking up. 😦 Big purple goose egg and tears.  Sad mama.

-He put his head on my shoulder while we were waiting in the checkout line for the first time. My heart almost burst from happiness. *sigh*

-Two minutes later he peed. All over me. I was soaked in urine.  In a very nice shop.  And we’d driven the 20 minutes to Darien to run some special errands, and we didn’t get to finish them because I don’t keep spare pants in my car.  And even if I did, I couldn’t exactly change.

-While I was putting him down for his nap I had him on my shoulder and was patting his back and… he patted my back too! Heart melting moment #2 of the day.

-He then refused to take the nap I was trying to put him down for. Heart wrenching sobbing. Poor little guy is teething so we just skipped it. He was a tired, cranky little man for another few hours until bedtime.

But just look at that little face.  He is such a sweet, wonderful little boy.  I’ll take the pee.