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We leave for our big adventure tonight!  First we’ll fly to Oregon to visit my family (hooray!), then to Hawaii to relax with James’ family.  We are so excited to see our loved ones-we miss you all so much!  But I also can’t wait to plop Oliver in the sand!  I have to admit I’m freaking out a little bit (okay, more than a little) about the long flights, time change, and jet lag.  I’ve heard from other moms that it can be a nightmare or he could handle it like a champ-we’ll only know once we try it!  So here we go, and wish us luck!







It’s blurry, but there it is!


Oliver has been a very good boy this year and I’m sure he’ll have plenty of presents from Santa.  However, it turns out he does a bit of a temper (I wonder where he got that…).  When he doesn’t get what he wants he’ll throw a mini fit.  He’s not really upset, just testing me.  It might make me a terrible mom, but I think it’s hilarious.  It probably won’t be in a year or two, but it’s still new.  Here are a few classic faces (the last two are the best).  Enjoy!

I have to apologize once again for being negligent in my posts recently.  Oliver has been teething like a maniac and cut one (!) of his top teeth, he caught a cold at the playgroup we went to two weeks ago, he’s going through his 9 month sleep regression (getting up at 4am…and not going back to sleep), AND going through his 3 to 2 nap transition.  On top of that I threw my back out (again), so we’ve been a little out of sorts lately!  Luckily he seems to be feeling a little better, started going back to sleep after his milk at 4, and we’ve managed to figure out how to make it through the day on 2 naps.  Just in time to make a 3 hour time change!  *sigh* Here are some pictures of the little man lately! Continue reading

Recently Oliver’s Uncle Max was thoughtfully asking how high Oliver could reach so he could baby proof a little before we arrive next week(yay!).  Well Uncle Max, this is so you have an idea what your bachelor pad is in for:

Get ready!




Oliver just loves his bath time!  Here are some more recent pictures of him in his duck:DSC_0135 9