Monthly Archives: November 2012

Oliver has some fun new tricks!  He can clap, shake his head, blow kisses, and give high fives (almost).  Jamie continues to teach the most socially useful tricks.  Like biting.  Most recently he taught him to roar.  I’m already imagining all the notes I’ll get from teachers in the years to come…


I have a mirror in the backseat of my car for two reasons: it keeps Oliver entertained because he can look at himself, and I can keep an eye on him and usually figure out what’s wrong when he’s fussy.  There’s a bonus though, last week we discovered that we can play peek-a-boo in the car!  Here’s my view:

He is so darn cute it’s totally distracting!

We have a lot to be grateful for today-the health and happiness of all our friends and family, and of course our amazing little boy.  He brings so much joy into our lives, we are thankful every day that he’s ours.  We love you all very much!


m, j & o

This video was taken in mid October before Oliver was very good at crawling-it was more of a creep than a crawl.  Jamie was “helping” him learn to crawl better.  We have to move a lot faster now to stay ahead of him!

Before Oliver was born I used to go on YouTube and search for babies laughing to cheer me up (it really works)-now I have my own!  Here’s a little laughter to brighten your day, enjoy!

As if Sandy wasn’t enough, last week we had a snowstorm (8 inches!).  So we zipped Ollie into his supersuit, and plopped him in the snow.  He wasn’t too sure about it, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty of chances to try again this winter!




The little man is getting pretty good at climbing, he is especially good at getting over his daddy (to get to his iPhone of course).  Here is a video we took while waiting out the storm/power outage at Oma & Papa’s house.  Enjoy!