About a month ago Jamie and I took Oliver for a “walk” at the Ward Pound Ridge Nature Preserve just across the NY border. It’s the largest preserve in NY state, and is full of picnic areas and hiking trails. We broke out our jogging stroller, strapped the little man in and off we went! We picked the shortest route of 2.6 miles, and the beginning of the trail was flat and smooth.


About a quarter mile in things got a little trickier-the trail got pretty steep and rocky, and it got to the point where we were carrying the stroller! This continued off and on for another half mile (not including a wrong turn that added a bit to the trek), when we came to a sign on a tree that just said “more difficult”. Needless to say, we got more than we bargained for! We finished our hike and decided we’ll bring the baby carrier next time.




The beginning of our hike-looks easy, right?



Little guy in the stroller-looks comfy!