Oliver turned 6 months old on Friday!  How did we celebrate you ask?  We left him with his Oma and Papa and went to North Carolina for a wedding!  Seriously.  He had a wonderful time with them, and it was good for everyone.  He also went to the Dr and had his 6 month checkup… and shots.  Poor little guy.  The upside:  he’s officially bigger than 98% of other babies!  Here are his stats (for those of you who are interested):

Length: 29.5″ (100th Percentile)
Weight: 21.5 lbs (97th Percentile)
Head Circumference: 18.5″ (98th Percentile)

And here are some pictures of him in a half-Birthday hat:

He had a hard time smiling because the elastic was a little tight around his chins.

And a video of some fun new noises he makes (and him choking on his spit, as usual):

p.s.  sorry for the terrible video quality-I can’t see what I’m filming from that angle!