Monthly Archives: October 2012

Oliver has his first diploma!

He “graduated” from his DOC band (his helmet) on Wednesday!  We got a mold of what his head looked like when we started (it was pretty wonky), and we took some pictures to compare to when we started.  You can really see the difference in the symmetry of his face, and the length of his head (from the front to back).  It’s still a little asymmetrical, but once his hair grows in a little bit, nobody (but us) will know.  SO glad to be done with the helmet, now I can see his adorable little face all the time!

Check out his eyes-before they were so uneven!

Look at those chins!!! 🙂



It’s official!  Oliver crawls and is super speedy and of course he wants to play with everything that’s dangerous: wall sockets, air vents, the sharp corners on furniture.  He is such a boy.  Enjoy!

Oliver got too big (and strong) for his sink bathtub, so we upgraded him to the most awesome tub EVER-a DUCK!  He loves his new tub, and his favorite parts?  He gets to hear his scream in a small space, read and sample the shower water.

Last weekend was such a treat!  It was so nice to get out of our normal routine and spend the weekend without a ‘to do’ list.  We went for long (cold) walks, took naps when Oliver slept, and caught up on Modern Family episodes.  Pictures after the jump! Continue reading

About a month ago Jamie and I took Oliver for a “walk” at the Ward Pound Ridge Nature Preserve just across the NY border. It’s the largest preserve in NY state, and is full of picnic areas and hiking trails. We broke out our jogging stroller, strapped the little man in and off we went! We picked the shortest route of 2.6 miles, and the beginning of the trail was flat and smooth.


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At Oliver’s 6 month appointment, the pediatrician said that he was going to grow out of his infant seat pretty soon, so we needed to upgrade him into a bigger seat asap. We took a family trip last weekend and picked one out! We christened it with the trip to Boston, and he seemed pretty happy in it.  Here is the little guy in his new big boy seat! Yay!


Oma and I took Oliver for his weekly helmet checkup on Tuesday, and we got fantastic news!  Our little cosmonaut will be de-helmeted in just two weeks!  I’m a little worried though-he throws that melon around pretty hard, hopefully he doesn’t end up in with too many goose eggs…  Soak up the silly helmet while you can!