Obviously food is a kind of big deal in our house lately since all of my posts so far are about food. I’ll try to get some other things up here soon, but this one is just too funny. As most of you know I think bananas are disgusting. Not only do they taste awful, but I hate the smell of them. *shudder* So feeding banans to Oliver has been a testament to my love for him (I also hold my breath). He has been happily eating bananas for a few weeks though, and then yesterday, something changed…

About half way through his meal, he started making his crazy poison face! I grabbed the camera, just to prove to his daddy that I wasn’t making this up.

While I see this as a huge victory, I don’t want O to be a picky eater so I’ll keep giving them to him, hoping that he comes around… but I love him even more for hating them just a little bit. 🙂